The demand for plastic pallets has exploded in the past few years, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. So why do food and pharmaceutical like to use plastic pallets?


That’s right, plastic pallets are more hygienic than wooden pallets. This makes them ideal packaging and transportation solutions for food and medicine. These industries require a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

In the following, we will reveal why plastic pallets are particularly hygienic, but we will also look at their other characteristics.

First of all, plastic pallets can produce smooth closed decks, which makes them very easy to wipe and clean, wooden pallets can not.

Besides, since the material of the plastic tray is HDPE or HDPP, this material does not breed contaminants such as bacteria, mold, fungi, etc., whether in a humid environment or other environments, the growth and accumulation of contaminants can be cut off from the beginning. This can improve the clean and hygienic environment of the goods. However, after the wooden pallet is in a humid environment or after long-term use, it is inevitable to breed bacteria. It is also worth noting that plastic pallets are both fireproof and waterproof, and can provide a safer storage environment for goods. But wooden pallets cannot escape moisture and fire. In summary, plastic trays provide valuable hygiene elements for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to the above features, plastic trays can also be customized in size, color, and RFID. These features can be applied to automated warehouses to provide convenience for automated warehouses in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Based on the above factors, plastic trays are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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