We need to understand what the bearing capacity of the pallet is related to. Of course, it is directly related to the weight of the plastic pallet.

For a pallet, the weight of the pallet is directly proportional to the carrying capacity. In other words, the heavier the tray, the better its carrying capacity. On the contrary, if the weight of the pallet is lighter, its carrying capacity will be lower.

But when we increase the weight, because of the increase in the use of raw materials, we will find that the price of the pallet also increases, which will increase some costs for users.

So how to further improve the carrying capacity of plastic pallets without increasing the cost too much?

The developers eventually found a way to insert steel pipes inside the plastic pallets. Because they found that the price of steel pipes is lower than the price of plastics, the price of pallets added with steel pipes is lower than that of plastic pallets without steel pipes under the same load-carrying capacity.

And when the plastic tray is used in the shelf system, it will greatly reduce the amount of deformation and can be better applied to the shuttle shelf. It can not only reduce costs but also be better applied to a three-dimensional warehouse. In general, it is an economical choice to add steel pipes to plastic pallets.

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