Plastic pallets have become an indispensable tool for the modern logistics industry. It is imperative to reduce the weight of pallets, reduce transportation costs, and increase the number of products carried.

Presumably, with wooden pallets, we reduce the weight of the pallets, improve the efficiency of turnaround transportation, increase the number of trips during each turnaround, and increase the saved transportation costs over time.

How to achieve savings in transport commitments?

The weight of our pallets is controlled in the range of 10-20kg. Compared with other pallets, our pallets have at least 1 ton more carrying capacity under this weight, and reducing the additional weight of the bearing load is an effective way to reduce logistics costs. At the same time reducing the queue of carbon dioxide is also conducive to environmental protection.

Although our pallets are relatively light, the static load can carry a weight of more than 5-6 tons, the dynamic load can carry a weight of 1-2 tons, and the shelf can carry a load of 1-1.5 tons; compared with the strength of our plastic pallets.

The limit of the load they can withstand at the edges is more related to the strength of the shelves designed for wooden pallets. Compared to wooden pallets, lightweight plastic pallets have many recommendations. Some benefits are:

1. Hygienic; because the surface is smooth and made of HDPE, it is easy to clean and non-absorbent. After further cleaning and disinfection, it can be directly used for transportation in the food industry.

2. Recyclability: Our trays are made of brand new HDPE material. When the plastic tray reaches the end of its service life, it can be recycled and reshaped into a “new” plastic tray; in the closed-loop process, it is reused.

3. Uniformity: The manufacturing dimensions of lightweight plastic trays are uniform. This means they are consistent in size and weight. Because plastic does not absorb water, plastic pallets will remain stable in weight and size in most environments in the supply chain.

Because many trays are food-grade hygienic requirements, they are made of stable and durable HDPE material. It is widely used in all walks of life around the world. It has a light but large load and excellent product design.

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