The manufacturing process of plastic tray-one piece mold injection.

This is a very common technique to produce plastic pallets. Including process conditions such as injection temperature, injection pressure, injection cycle, and mold temperature. The injection temperature, injection pressure, and mold temperature will have a certain effect on the performance of the plastic pallet, and the injection cycle will affect Not big.

Injection temperature: The range of the molding temperature is determined by the molecular weight of HDPE. When the molecular weight is constant, the injection temperature is low, which will cause the product to be rough and warped; the injection temperature is high, the product is less directional, the stress is small, and the surface is bright.

Injection pressure: It will affect the shrinkage of the product and the density of the product. The general requirement is 800-1000kg / cm2.

Mold temperature: It is an important part of the injection molding process, which will affect the brightness and production efficiency of the product surface, and also affect the rigidity, strength, and size of the product. The mold temperature is low, and the rigidity of the tray is poor and it is easy to warp. The mold temperature is high, the tray has high crystallization, high rigidity, stable size, and low stress. Generally, it should be controlled between 50 ° C and 70 ° C.

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