In today’s logistics systems, currently dealing with a large number of warehouses, more and more like to use flexible and efficient storage systems to not only facilitate loading and unloading tasks but also to adopt solutions that can guarantee timely and reliable profits. The profitability of the business.

Plastic pallets are currently the best choice for logistics in warehousing and transportation because it is safer and more efficient than other logistics systems to load goods of various sizes and weights.

What is a rack pallet? What is the purpose of the rack pallet?

Cargo pallets are placed on metal shelves. The purpose is to store goods in a structured, structured and easy-to-place storage area.

Generally, the pallets are filled with goods and placed directly on the shelves until they are transported again. But what exactly is a shelf pallet?

These are pallets capable of supporting a specific load on a conventional type of shelf. This bending or flexing requires the pallet to be restricted to a certain extent to ensure the safety of the stored materials.

Advantages of rack pallets

1. Better order and organize materials

2. It is more practical and convenient to facilitate the transfer of goods. It allows the transfer of heavy loads on a limited unit of pallet size and is convenient for working with a forklift. This is one of the reasons why it is gradually gaining popularity.

3. Save more space. The pallets have been independently supported, but there is still a need for specific pallet positions on the shelves according to the needs of each enterprise. This is an ideal solution to utilize the vertical space inside the warehouse.

4. Time optimization of the distribution center. Thanks to the use of shelves, we not only facilitate the visibility and accessibility of the products but also directly and positively affect the time and reduce the waistline when distributing materials. This not only optimizes space and costs but also increases productivity and sales.

Storage system for shelf pallets

Pallets must have at least 3 slideways to be suitable for storage shelves, and are in good condition and depend on the weight of the cargo and the type of load. Finally, they can be reinforced with metal elements, which can increase the load capacity and safety of the shelf when stored. Another factor is that not all pallets can be adapted to the shelves, as the carrying capacity will vary depending on the model used.

We introduce you to some of the systems that are most suitable for storing pallets, which can save more space.

1. Pallet flow system. These structures allow you to store up to four pallets in one block. It is a storage system that facilitates the movement of fixed materials. Best choice for those industries with liquid goods.

2. Palletizing system. It is one of the most widely used systems, but it does not have as much storage capacity as other alternatives. It is mainly used in logistics centers with various products and pallets of different sizes. Recommended for lower-level operations, installations with large numbers of products, or small warehouses with large consumer products and few pallets.

3. Compact racking system. It’s one of the simplest and most economical options, and it’s perfect for storing large consumer products as well as those that prioritize rotation. The advantage is that it has better storage capacity than conventional shelves, but requires more operating time.

4. Dynamic shelves. This type of shelf allows a reference to be placed in each channel, so its storage capacity is better than the compact one. The pallet is placed in the loading aisle, slides to the other end, and is ready to be removed. This system saves space and reduces handling time, which is why they are often used in high-speed products.