Plastic pallets for the transportation of food, beverages or medicines with strict hygiene requirements. The plastic pallets are easy to clean and disinfect, and is easy to operate.

The price of plastic pallets is usually 3-5 times that of wooden pallets, and damage occurs during use. The repair and maintenance of pallets are costly. But has a longer life than wooden pallets.

The biggest advantage of plastic pallets is that they can be repeatedly used, which is very suitable for storage use of warehouse shelves and short-term turnaround use.

The surface of the plastic tray is smooth, flat and free of debris, which is convenient for manual operation and suitable for various operating machinery.

The price of wooden pallets is about one-third of that of plastic pallets, and at least about 10 times that of widespread use. It weighs more than a plastic pallet, making it easy to repair and reuse the pallet.

Compared with plastic pallets, wooden pallets are not the best choice when fragile goods are stored in turn. Firmware is extremely easy to damage the goods during use and cause unnecessary losses.

Wood pallets should be kept as far away from fire sources as possible during use, but plastic pallets are not necessary. Therefore, in certain industries, wood pallets are far more suitable than plastic pallets.

In summary, there are advantages and disadvantages to using both wood and plastic pallets. Your choice depends on a combination of factors like your product and industry, applicable standards and regulations, budget and long-term economics.

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