When we are in the process of purchasing plastic pallets, what parameters do we need to provide to the sales so that we can buy the right plastic pallets?

First, we need to confirm the size of the plastic pallet. The commonly used plastic pallet sizes are 1200x1000mm and 1200x800mm, but the sizes used in different countries and industries are still very different. For example, the commonly used size of the Australian rack industry is 1165x1165mm. Most of the flower industry in China uses a Double-sided grid 1300x1100mm.

Secondly, it is necessary to provide the loading requirements of plastic pallets, that is, the pallets need to carry multiple goods, and the specific parameters include static load, dynamic load, and shelf load. The common parameters are generally 5000kg in static load, 1000kg in dynamic load, and 1000kg in the shelf.

Again, the salesperson needs to be told how to use the plastic pallets, whether it’s for rack or palletizing, transportation, or other uses. Usually, if pallets used for shelves, it needs to choose 3 runners type to be with steel pipes reinforced; If the pallet is used for stacking, we had better choose double-sided type pallets; If the pallets are applied for transport, we can use 6 runners lightweight type pallets.

Finally, it is necessary to provide the use environment of the plastic pallet, including normal temperature, low temperature or high temperature. Low temperature is usually used in cold storage. Flat surface type is usually selected Because the flat surface type will be stronger than the grid in the low-temperature environment.

General, procurement of plastic pallets to provide these requirements, you can effectively communicate with sales and can choose the right plastic pallets.

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