Comparison of single-sided plastic pallets and double-sided plastic pallets:

Single-sided plastic pallet

The structure of the front and back of the pallet is different, and only the front side can be used. The surface has two types of grids and flat, and the bottom structure has 3runners-shaped, full picture frame-shaped and nine-footed and seven-footed. According to the different load capacity, it can be divided into light-duty plastic pallet series, standard plastic pallet series, and heavy-duty plastic pallet series. The price is cheaper than the double-sided type.

Double-sided plastic pallet

The top and bottom of the pallet have the same structure and both sides can be used. The deck has two types of mesh and closed. It is divided into standard load plastic pallet series and heavy load plastic pallet series according to different carry capacity. The price is more expensive than one side pallet.

The choice of single-sided pallet or double-sided pallet should be determined according to the corresponding storage environment, loading and unloading handling equipment and or type of goods. The specific method is as follows:

1. For automatic three-dimensional storage or high-level shelves, where stackers or electric forklifts are used for vertical transportation, double-sided and single-sided pallets can be selected. If it is a light cargo, one side is generally used. If it is a heavy cargo, one side and both sides can be used, but one side needs to be reinforced by adding steel pipes.

2. For warehouses that are mainly transported horizontally, single-sided pallets are suitable if the pallets are moved by manual hydraulic vehicles. If it is carried by an electric forklift, both single-sided pallets and double-sided pallets can be used. If you need to stack the goods layer by layer, that is, the bottom of the pallet and the upper surface of the goods below are coincident, it is better to use a double-sided pallet or a single-sided pallet of the full picture frame type, because the bottom of the double-sided and full picture frame-shaped type has a large contact area with the cargo, this makes the handling of the pallet more uniform and better stability.

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