With the development of the chemical industry, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the export packaging of goods. Before the goods are exported, they are usually packed in groups with wrapping film, and plastic trays are provided below.

At present, it is still more traditional to use wooden pallets for group packing support, because the current domestic wooden pallets are cheaper. This is the benefit of wooden pallets. However, due to the necessary fumigation and quarantine procedures, it is relatively complicated.

Plastic pallets have been slowly accepted in many factories. First of all, the surface is neat and can be exported directly without quarantine. Secondly, it will not cause mold due to environmental and weather reasons, which will affect the quality of the goods.

The commonly used disposable plastic trays for export are the same as those for 1100 * 1100 * 150mm carbon black plastic pallets, 1100 * 1100 * 125mm ton bags special plastic pallets, and plastic pallet are for one-time export.

For bagged chemical materials, 1200 * 1000 * 125mm disposable black special plastic pallet is usually used. These sizes are related to the size of the container.

Liyang Plastic Pallet is with economic competitive price with a widely popular size that is ISPM 15 exempt, which makes them ideal for the use of export shipping.

Six runner design is suitable for bags stacking in the container. The static load can be reached 2 tons and dynamic load.

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