The difference between virgin materials, Recycled Material and general materials (we call first-grade material).

Plastic is a type of synthetic polymer material with plasticity. It forms three indispensable synthetic materials in daily life with synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers. Specifically, plastics are made of natural or synthetic resins as the main component, and various additives are added, which can be molded into a certain shape under a certain temperature and pressure conditions, and the shape remains unchanged at normal temperature. In theory, the primary molecular weight of plastics will be reduced by 20 ~ 30%, which means that various properties will be reduced by 20 ~ 30%. When plastic products are made of 100% virgin materials, the surface has good gloss, color, and toughness. Plastic products made by recycled material will be worse.

Virgin material

“virgin material” refers to new plastic granules that have never been used. In appearance, the surface of the new material product has good gloss, bright colors, freshness, and high brightness. In terms of performance, the properties of the “new material” are by the physical properties of plastics. The quality of the products produced is more stable than that of the returned materials, and the properties such as toughness and rigidity are good, and the product quality is more stable.

Recycled material production

After the “virgin material” is recycled and processed, the “recycled material” with different degrees of performance degradation is mainly caused by light aging, oxidation, and thermal aging. Including mechanical properties, forming properties, temperature and corrosion resistance, the degree of decline depends on the service life and the environment. According to the number of recycling, “return” can also be divided into “primary return”, “secondary return”, “three times return” and so on.

“virgin material” products have guaranteed quality, performance meets predetermined standards, and bright colors and good gloss; “recycled materials” have low prices: 1. poor color gloss, deep color, and some may have odor; 2. physical properties Worse than new materials, the product made from each batch cannot be guaranteed to be the same.

General materials

The general material is a virgin material with a proportion of recycled material and performance improvement additives (more expensive additives than the new material). Due to the addition of the modifier, the toughness and rigidity of the product can be improved, while the cost is reduced Can guarantee the quality, general materials in more applications than food hygiene products.

Our first grade material is a kind of superior general material. A big proportion of virgin material. It reduces the cost, meanwhile, keep the good plastic properties.

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