At present, the more common types of single-sided plastic pallets on the market include 3 runners plastic pallet, 6 runners plastic pallet, 7-legged plastic pallet, and 9-legged plastic pallet, among which 3 runners type is the most popular.

The 3 runners type plastic pallet is named after the bottom structure, because there are only three legs at the bottom for support, it is usually called 3 Runners internationally type plastic pallet; But it is called “川字” in China, because its shape is similar to the Chinese character “川”, as shown below

From a structural point of view, 3 runners plastic pallet is a single-sided plastic pallet, and the bottom is supported by 3 legs, so it is suitable for both manual forklifts and electric forklifts for operation. According to the surface structure, it can be classified into the flat surface type and grid surface type. In general, the price of a flat type is a little more expensive than the price of a grid type.

From the perspective of carrying capacity, it can be divided into light-duty plastic pallets, medium-duty plastic pallets, and heavy-duty plastic pallets. For heavy-duty type, we not only increase the carrying capacity of the plastic pallet by increasing its weight. We also usually reinforce the legs and surface with built-in steel pipes, so the max static load can be up to 10t and the max shelf load can be up to 2T.

From the point of use, 3 runners plastic pallet is very versatile, and it can be used for turnover in the warehouse, transportation outside the warehouse, and high-level shelf systems, including double-deep shelves, shuttle shelves, etc., but it should be noted that it is not applicable for palletizing.

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